Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Official Visit of the St.Louis-Bogor Sister Cities Committee Chairman to the City of Bogor

Mr. Alex Soetjipto, the Chairman of the St. Louis-Bogor Sister Cities Committee visited the City of Bogor from July 17 to July 24 2007.

(Please click this link to see:
The Mayoral Support from the Mayor of the great city of Bogor, Honorable Diani Budiarto)

The purposes of the visit are among other things:
* Enhancing the friendship relationship and mutual understanding between the two communities by learning the first hand about the City of Bogor and its surrounding communities and by communicating with the people in the communities.
* Exploring the opportunities in economic, education, tourism, governmental, research and civic fields in Bogor, Indonesia, which might be matched with the liked opportunities in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
* Exchanging the goodwill between the two communities from the two countries of the United States of America and Indonesia.

During this official trip Mr. Soetjipto visited several places as stated in the following schedule:
* July 17:
Touring the office of the Mayor of the Bogor Municipality
Meeting the Mayor of the Bogor Municipality
Touring the government facilities of the Bogor Municipality
* July 18:
Touring the Centers for Agribusiness in the City of Bogor
Touring the Guava Juice Production (small agribusiness) at Sukaresmi
Touring the Aloe Vera Juice Production (small agribusiness) at Katulampa
Touring Kebun Raya Bogor
INOFICE (Indonesian Organic Farming Inspection and Sertification) meeting about organic rice
* July 19:
Touring the Centers for tourism in the City of Bogor
Touring Ethnobotanical Museum
Touring Sringanis Garden
Touring Balitro/Scientific Tour
Touring Sundanese Puppet Production Centre
* July 20:
Touring the Centers for Education in the City of Bogor
Touring IPB (Bogor Institute of Agriculture)
Touring Regina Pacis School
Touring SMA Negeri 1
* July 23:
Touring the Centers for prime product from the City of Bogor and the Centers for Export Industries in the City of Bogor
Touring CV. SURATIN BAMBOO (small industry) Product : Bamboo furniture and Gazebo
Touring PT. MUARA KRAKATAU (Garment Industry)
Touring PT. TRIAS SUKSES DINAMIKA, Juice/health drink industry (aloe vera, pace, etc)
Touring CV. MUNTI BALI, Small Industry of ceramics
* July 24:
Meeting with Ir. H. Indra M. Roesli, MM regarding clean water facility, HIV/AIDS and other issues
Attending international conference on rabbit production
Touring PT. Olympic (furniture industry)
Visit to Bogor Regency
Visit of the Town Health Care Facility
Meeting with the team for HIV / AIDS task force
Touring DINI DESIGN, Recycling Indutry
* July 25:
Farewell Ceremony in the City Hall
Visit to the Department of Interior in Jakarta
Meeting with Mr. Nuryanto, the Director for International cooperation for the Department of Interior of Indonesia

This visit was closed by the Chairman visiting the County Executive of Saint Louis County, Honorable Charlie Dooley and the Director of International Cooperation and Planning of Saint Louis County, Ms. Joanne Gladney at the Government Center of the Saint Louis County on August 10, 2007.

The committe expresses its gratitude for the supports and the assistances from:
* The people, the communities and the governmental office of the City of Bogor.
* Honorable Diani Budiarto, Mayor of Bogor City
* Honorable Charlie Dooley, County Executive of Saint Louis County
* Honorable Hidayat Karta Hadimadja, Indonesian Consul General in Chicago
* Ms. Joanne Gladney, Director of International Cooperation and Planning of Saint Louis County
* Ms. Endang Mardeyani, Consul for Economic Affairs of Indonesia in Chicago
* Ms. Cheryl Marty, Interim Executive Director of the World Trade Center Saint Louis
* And so many other individuals and entities to whom the committee owes the success of this official visit to Bogor.
* Special thank you to Mr. Hari Sutjahjo, Ms. Tyas Ajeng Fitriani Prihandari and Ms. Nia Nurjanah from the City Government of Bogor and Mr. Rahmadi Iman Santosa from St. Louis Bogor Sister Cities Committee in Bogor.

* Visit to the Mayor of Bogor and the City Hall
* Visit to Governmental Facilities
* Visit to Industrial Facilities
Visit to Educational Facilities
* Visit to Research and Tourism Facilities
Meeting with Officials and NGO's
* Some of the Newspaper Coverages
* Visit to the County Executive of Saint Louis County